I remember as a child at the beach or in a swimming pool or at home in the bath if I wanted to step away from everything, I would submerge my head face down and slowly let bubbles escape so that they would crawl across my face and ears on their way to the surface. I remember my dog, a huge Bullmastiff sticking its head under the couch pillow when someone scolded him. I have at different times throughout my life found myself returning to certain places that in someway felt comforting, to be alone with my thoughts. It may be putting up a fence in the garden, it can be throwing on sunglasses, earphones and reading a book in a crowded terrace or it can be an area that has been restricted. It’s a theme I have come across time and time again. This has led me to think about these places that are private in very unique ways and the very different ways in which a place is considered to be private.