The Earth’s surface for the most part, about 71% to be exact is covered in water. All this water is in constant movement, even when at the surface it might not seem like it, at a molecular level it is being swayed in a constant dance between the moon, the sun and the earth. Humans on the other hand don’t show it on the surface, but at 60% we too are mostly water and without it we would simply cease to exist. We are born with liquid in our lungs, throughout our lives we are drawn to bodies of water, we seek out beaches, waterfalls, pools and then there’s that instant sensation of well-being when we step into a warm shower. Our connection to water is so deep that we have adapted perfectly to that ever evolving border. That line in the sand, we live on both sides of it. We play there, cry there, create memories there, we seem more humane there. Perhaps we too have always been affected by this constant push and pull, the water within us being led to the same rhythm as the tides.